Susan M. Castle
Radiant Heart Therapist
AFT Therapist
Theta Healing Practitioner

Learn How You Can Eliminate Your Single Greatest Hidden Emotion or Block That Holds You Back From Realizing Your Most Treasured Goals and Heart's Dreams


If you’ve ever wondered what key hidden emotion or block holds
you back from the hapiness and success you deserve, I know
I can help you

I'll show you exactly how to transform any block that holds you back from the success
and happiness you deserve. I will gently guide you into the clarity of how you can eliminate it for good
so that you can live with unshakable self-confidence, a renewed passion for life, prosperous success, loving relationships and lasting inner peace

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Jen Charbonneau

"I wanted to be able to feel love on a deeper level -
to open my Heart, clear the blocks and let love in..."

"I can't believe I might have gone my entire life not knowing I could feel such love in my Heart that I now feel.

The depth of love I feel and continue to feel is phenomenal. I find my fear level has melted away in my personal and business life and I feel an inner confidence that I am forever grateful for.

"Within days of experiencing The Essence Method, I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders and I had amazing clarity and focus..."

"The results I've had in my life after experiencing The Essence Method are nothing short of a miracle. Prior to my Essence Session, I had become very depressed and discouraged with life. I knew I was depressed, but it wasn't until after your Essence session that I realized how 'un-functional' I was.

Within minutes of finishing the session, I felt clear about what I needed to do to turn my life around. What's more, I felt as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Not only was I clear about what to do, I had the spiritual determination to do it. My spirit took control of my mind and my body and completely 'made' me take action."

Within days of my Essence Session, I had 'created' over $39,000 in new business. And more importantly, I was free... free to BE! Free to be alive and be happy... free to accept my life as it is, and to love it as it is. Thank you Susan."

  Brian Keith Voiles

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has helped others realize their Heart's most treasured desires

Dear Friend,

I am about to share with you how my life changed one day...

It all began with a mysterious package that contained
an ancient Secret...

It was a cool spring evening and I had arranged to meet my good friend out for dinner. We decided to meet at one of my favorite restaurants and they sat us by the fire. My friend had a small package under his arm and it caught my curiosity. It wasn't my birthday... so what could it be?

Once we ordered our meal, my friend picked up the mysterious package and began to open it. As he did so, he said to me "I have something for you... it's a book and this book seems to have your name on it".

Well, I thought for sure this was a book on how to become famous, or how to grow the best garden in the neighborhood. I was wrong. As I held the book in my hand and glanced at the title... it was far from my fantasy. It was a book about the ancient secrets of powerful healing.

Well, a bit confused, I looked up at my friend and he replied... 'Its for you, trust me you'll love it".

Once I began reading, I couldn't put the book down...
Well, once I began reading the book, I could hardly put it down. It was as if the author was writing it just for me. I read the book cover to cover, my highlighter had just about run dry. I was nothing short of amazed and inspired.

The book is a wonderful journey into the Heart and describes how we come to harbor painful emotions in our Heart. As I feverishly read this book, there was one chapter in particular that seemed to have my name written all over it. It was the chapter that described people who have stuck emotions that prevent them from being able to receive love. Such a person walks through life with an empty feeling in their Heart... a hidden fear.

Can a Heart feel empty? Half - alive? I began to wonder...
At the time I was reading this book I was working as a therapist in the medical field. I was sure I had a big Heart - able to give love all day long. After all who doesn't have a big Heart working in the medical field.

Well, as I read each word carefully within this chapter, I began to realize some truths that I had never thought about until this very moment. The words I was reading began to describe individuals who find it very easy to give love... but find it a challenge to receive love. In other words, those people who you would describe as "givers". Well, that surely described me... It was easy for me to give love. I did it all day long, and then I would come home and give all night long. Giving love never seemed to be a problem for me.

But what about opening your Heart and letting love in?...
But what about when it comes time to receive love? To replenish ourselves and allow love back in? Oh boy... that one got me. That was my story.

For you see, some 10 years ago, I experienced an emotional loss that left my Heart scarred, sad and guarded. Since that experience, I only let people in based on how much I felt I could trust them to stay. I worked hard at protecting myself from ever getting hurt again. Not realizing, that I was cheating myself from living life - fully. And not realizing I was causing harm to my body and my health.

In fact, when I tell you not realizing the harm I was causing to my body... I had no idea that harboring feelings of anger, sadness, guilt, frustration is the leading cause of Heart disease.

Listen to what one expert has found through his years of research.

In his book "ANGER KILLS" a leading doctor reports:

"As much as 80% of all disease and illness in the U.S. is
initiated or aggravated by stress in the form of anger"

Learning more and more from several experts in the field, I made a commitment to myself, that I would begin a journey into healing my Heart and releasing the old pain, hurt and sadness that I held so tightly onto. Hence began the most magnificent, courageous journey of my life.

Stay with me, because I am about to describe a method so simple yet so powerful that your search for an answer to your challenges will be over and you can begin using this simple method in your life today.

My Life forever Changed
I began to study all I could about the Heart and how emotions effect the Heart. I began working with an acupuncturist who opened my eyes and my Heart to the amazing healings of Oriental Medicine and energy work. It was my acupuncturist that helped me realize that a condition I had been diagnosed with shortly after my emotional loss, known as Mitral Valve Prolapse, was my Heart closing itself off to ever feeling such pain again.

Maybe you've felt the same way in your life...

I reversed my Mital Valve Prolapse by releasing stuck emotions...
Through continued dedication and energy work, I was able to release the stuck emotions that I harbored in my Heart, particularly the anger, sadness and pain. My Heart began to feel again, my once numbed feelings came Alive. My Heart softened and opened, and I could feel love again... in my Heart. I was finding happiness again in my life.

I learned to Trust again...
I was able to reverse my Mitral Valve Prolapse, and more importantly, I was able to let love in... I was able to trust and fully Love again. I learned how to love myself, take good care of myself and to trust again. I learned to let go of the pain that I held onto for so long. I learned how to open my Heart, not only to others, but to my own unconditional love.

That my friend, has been the most profound miracle of my life. And it will be one of the most profound experiences of your life as well... I can guarantee you that.

If you have something in your life that you want to manifest or create and it is not happening yet... it's simple. You have a block. The good news is that the block can
be cleared!

Have you ever felt the wonderful feeling of being free from fear? From anxiety?
From stress? Or any other emotion that weighs you down?

If you answered no, or you're not sure (or even Yes but long long ago) then I invite you to call me and experience this freedom! You will be amazed and so glad you did.

I've been so inspired by my own personal healing and letting go and at the results this has created in my life that I dedicated several years of my life to training and became a Heart Therapist. I have now helped hundreds of people open their Hearts and live life with more
joy, passion and love and create the life their Heart truly desires.

My years of learning and training continued and led me to some amazing and wonderful masters. I never would have thought that such a painful experience in my life (some ten years ago) would lead me to the profound work that I do today. The thought that my pain and sadness would ever be transformed into such joy and inspiration was beyond what I thought possible. And yet it happened.

It can happen for you as well...

Do you suffer from pain? Are you holding onto emotional baggage? Do you feel like you've lost your passion for life - That zing in your instep? Do you feel there is a missing piece in your life? Are you searching for more?

Do you ever feel as if there is a hidden fear or block that keeps you from living your life's dream?

Do you ever wish you had the courage to find a new, more rewarding job? Or a different and more meaningful relationship? Or how about the motivation to start your own business?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions then you need to read on and discover for yourself the ancient secrets that have been healing people for thousands of years.


"I got to learn through the eyes of a child with an open mind and heart and found I truly enjoyed being me..."

"These are mere words and they alone can't describe the essence and the experience of being in touch with ones heart. I watch myself as I shed the weight of past experiences, old thought patterns and blocked emotions and express real freedom.

I was able to reconnect with a part of me that I had forgotten long ago and that I now own and walk hand and hand with. It was a piece that I had spent many years searching for outside of myself only to discover I had it all along."

Heather Trondsen - Sooke, BC Canada

We get so busy, we have places to go, people to meet, things to do... and we often ignore the signals our body is trying to tell us. So what happens? The body begins to
cry out even louder and we feel the physical symptoms of our neglect.

Then we are forced to do something... so we usually take ourselves to the doctor and hope to receive something for relief. And how long does that last? If we're lucky, until the next pressure cooker blows.

We never seem to get to the root cause of our pain, be it emotional or physical. So we continue to carry on with our lives, living life compromised in some way.

Have you ever asked yourself this question?

"Isn't there more to life than this?"

s there some part of your life that is "on hold" because of blocks, stuck emotions or fear?

Perhaps it's fear that compromises your dreams, perhaps it's your lack of belief in yourself that compromises your chance to be promoted at your job. Perhaps it's your physical pain that compromises your ability to feel your child-like Spirit. Perhaps it's your closed Heart that prevents you from feeling real Love. Or perhaps it's stress that prevents you from falling asleep at night feeling peaceful.

Can you relate?

Whatever the case may be, do you ever find yourself wondering...

Is this all there is to life?
Somewhere deep within your Heart, do you ever feel like there's a missing piece...
a longing - seeking to be satisfied?...

I'm here to tell you the longing that you feel can be satisfied... you can find the missing piece.

We are capable of experiencing great joy, happiness and personal fulfillment in life. Many of us aren't realizing this in our daily lives. And it is often our pain, be it physical or emotional, that is preventing us from enjoying the richness and fullness life has to offer us. We've lost our connection to our Spirit and we deserve to get it back.

What if you knew a simpler way...
If you knew a simple way to clear away your blocks, pain, stress or fear so that you can manifest what your Heart truly desires what would it be worth to you?

Gift yourself with a renewed sense of hope, joy and passion. Be inspired again... feel the confidence that you CAN manifest your most cherished desires.

It's simple and easy... and you don't even have to leave your house to experience this powerful method.

Skeptical? That's ok, I was too at first. Until I experienced for myself, first hand, the miracle of releasing stuck emotions. Imagine how freeing and wonderful it is to release those stuck emotions. It takes a load off your back... and allows you to travel just a bit lighter...


"Experiencing The Essence Method was one of the most profound experiences of my life. Wow, what a gift. Once you journey so deeply inward, you just never want to turn back. I got far more than what I came for... my life will be forever changed."

John Platis - Woodland Hills, CA

"Finding My True Love"

"I thought I would let you know that I am getting married on New Years Day. And part of the reason is the work I have done throughout the year with you Susan, and from your work to open my heart. I have found my true love and opened my heart to him. I feel I have truly manifested my deepest Heart's Desire. Thank you."

J Keck M.D.
Santa Margarita, CA

Listen to Ruth who released old stuck emotions and began to feel the freedom
of her open Heart...

“I was skeptical at first to believe this would work... and what a surprise.

I will never forget the warmth and love I felt in my heart during the session...
this was one of the highlights of my experience. I felt deep love and warmth in
my Heart for the first time in a long time, and I thought it was impossible to feel
such feelings so completely."

Ruth Ebergenyi Vazques, Campache, Mexico

Continue to read on only if you are ready to let go of your pain and struggle and ready to create a life for yourself free from any fear. A life you're excited and passionate about living.

So what is your next step?

Simply try it. Spend one hour with me in a personal session and I will show you how you can free yourself from years of pain, stress and struggle.

I will show you how you can let go of fear and harness your inner power and courage.

I will help you get in touch with your Life's Purpose and harness the courage to live it.

I will guide you into getting in touch with your intuition and learning how to trust it.

In fact, to make the decision for you simple and easy, I will offer you something you can't refuse.

Because I have shared this powerful method with hundreds of people over the years I know the power this method has in people's lives and I am willing to offer you a personal guarantee.

My Guarantee to You... It's Risk Free
I guarantee you that if you spend one hour with me you can discover a technique so powerful you will wish you discovered it long ago.

In just one hour, I will share with you a powerful method I have named The EssenceMethod
tm. Here's what this powerful method can do for you:

 The Essence Methodtm... What it can do for you:

  • You will get in touch with all your feelings and transform them into self empowerment

  • You will understand yourself at a deeper level and feel Whole and connected

  • You will discover what limiting belief prevents you from having all you desire
    in your life and how to transform your limiting belief into deep
    inner empowerment

  • You will release any fear that may be blocking your desires from manifesting...
    a skill which brings real and lasting results and a sense of profound FREEDOM

  • You'll free yourself from feelings of guilt and self doubt and you will feel
    lighter, happier and deeply connected to your Authentic Essence

  • You'll will feel your own SELF LOVE and learn how to Love yourself...unconditionally and attract the love you seek with others

  • You will discover a powerful tool to use daily to improve your relationship
    with work, loved ones, your children and Your Self

  • You'll learn how to de-stress yourself and how to take care of YOU - a practice
    that will enhance your health and well being

  • You will learn unconditional acceptance of yourself and the art of self love

  • You will gain clarity on Your Life's Purpose and you will discover an unshakable inner strength and courage to live it

  • You will FEEL your Heart open and you will feel your inner radiance flow
    throughout your entire body... a wonderful feeling you will never forget

  • You will discover the "law of attraction" and how to make shifts within You to
    attract what you desire - effortlessly

Most importantly, You will be taking a powerful step towards lasting inner peace and harmony.

Here are just a few real life stories of people who have experienced
The powerful Essence Method

"I discovered My Life's Purpose..."
"The Essence Method is incredible... I began confused about what I am here to do and ended the session with a clear understanding of my Life's Purpose. This has been the most inspiring experience. It gave me the courage to LIVE my life with a deep inner confidence that I am on my path doing God's work."

 Ruth Auriemma - New Jersey

"This was extremely beneficial to me..."
"You are very good at what you do and my time with you was extremely
beneficial to me. "

 Robert Sherman - Seattle

"After just one session"...
"After one session with Susan - I'm at peace with myself for the first time in my life. After struggling with self esteem / self worth issues for years, all of a sudden those issues are gone. I like myself. I love myself. I'm happy with myself. I've been working towards that for so long, yet I never really thought I'd get there. And I never imagined how good it would feel - until now."

Kim Duke - San Jose, CA 

The Essence Methodtm has helped hundreds of people, just like you, to live life with passion, courage and on purpose. Free from fear, blocks, and pain.

The Essence Method invites you to embrace your inner child... the wise, intuitive, creative and playful genius within you... Re-connecting to this part of yourself is a real coming Home

Heather writes about her experience with The Essence Method

"I have done inner child work before, quite a bit actually. But The Essence Method is the most powerful tool that I have ever experienced for getting in touch with my inner child and hidden fears. Finding the little girl within me and bringing her with me everyday has been a profound breakthrough and it has changed how I live my life. I now feel connected to myself, whole and loved. It's amazing the difference this method has made in my life."

 Heather Johnson - Sydney Australia

I guarantee that when you put into practice what you've discovered during your 60 minute session you will see for yourself the amazing results you can create in your life. You will experience for yourself far less stress, a sense of clarity on your life's purpose, greater health, deeper and more meaningful relationships with yourself and others, more abundance than you could ever imagine and a deep and lasting sense of inner peace.

You will experience a
FREEDOM that you've longed for all your life.

You will be free from the blocks that hold you back. Free to create and manifest your Deepest Desires... This freedom will come from within YOU... and therefore it will be long lasting.

I guarantee this because what I am describing has been my own experience with using the simple steps in The Essence
Methodtm. and the experience of hundreds of others who have journeyed with this powerful Method.

I've been fortunate to have learned from some of the greatest masters in personal growth and the integration of mind, body and Spirit. (But these "Masters" have taught me one simple truth - To help others become
Masters.) You are fortunate as well to have these secrets at your fingertips to use for the rest of your life.

The guarantee is really risk free. You're invited to participate in a proven method, available to you at a discount, to test out and see for yourself how you can create your life of possibility. If at the end of our session you feel your life has not changed for the better then simply let me know. If you genuinely feel you have not benefited by the end of our 60 minute session then let me know at the end of our session, and we will refund your money.

I am even willing to include a FREE bonus for you. I will tell you about those exciting details a little later.


You will feel FREE from
any previous blocks, stress or fear and ready to live the life you deserve

Discover the powerful

Essence Method TM

where love is stronger than fear

It will change your life

Here are some real life stories of people who have experienced this powerful method:

"I am finally free..."
"I've lived with hidden anger and stress much of my life... not really knowing it until one day it was gone. The freedom and complete joy I felt with these heavy feelings gone was a shocking revelation to me. I didn't realize how much those feelings were taxing my body and robbing me of real joy in my Heart. I'm a cancer survivor and I believe it is a direct result of my releasing this hidden anger."

Nadine Zulauf - Celebrating Life, Glenview, Illinois

Dr. Bruno Cortis states...
"This method teaches us how to listen to our Heart and how to express our feelings. Valuable tools for self-assessment, spiritual growth and a healthy heart. A must for those who wish to tap the wisdom inside them that has more profound healing power than all the medical resources available."

 Dr. Bruno Cortis, Spiritual Cardiologist and author of "Heart and Soul"

"My Heart feels light..."
"The pain and heaviness around my Heart is gone. I feel loved and accepted by the one person who I've wanted it from the most... Myself."

Bobbi Parnel - Austin, Texas

"I feel so free and so connected with myself..."
"Susan's work is among the finest I have ever experienced. I have done inner child work before, but this was phenomenal! The deepest work I have ever done by far. I feel so free and so connected to my inner child. This has made a big difference in how I feel on a daily basis. I feel more self love and joy in my Heart than I ever have. I recommend this work to anyone wanting more out of life and to feel more whole."

 Steven Kirchen - Chicago, IL

"I have a more calm state of mind..."
"I recently experienced your excellent program and am astounded by its simplicity and the difference it is making in my daily thought patterns. The most prominent benefit that I have noted so far is that I have a more calm state of mind throughout the day and where I would generally get anxious and angry with myself and other people I can now handle the same issues with a lot of calmness."

 Bipin Patel - Hertfordshire, England

"The Essence Method is a real winner..."
"I am a cancer survivor... Susan's work has helped me return to balance and inner peace. My fears have been calmed, embraced and released. I never thought I would be able to reach such a state of inner peace given the daily challenges of being diagnosed with such a life threatening disease. I am grateful for her work"
Jean Grewn - McHenry,Illinois        

"Susan's work is transformational..."
"Susan's work is transformational... her healing from the Heart work and Essence Method has been the best part of our Wellness program."      Dr. M. Kaminski

"I felt the most profound sense of inner peace..."
"I wasn't sure I was getting it until the very end... then WOW... I felt the most profound sense of inner peace and tranquility I have ever felt in my life. This method is simply amazing and has given me a new sense of hope and deep inspiration."

 Andrew - Toronto, Canada

Learning The Essence Methodtm Will Help You:

 Transform Your Life
Believe in Your own Success
Overcome Any Fear
Create What You Truly Desire in Your Life Now!

You can experience powerful results in just one session...

You can experience this powerful technique for yourself as well.

Here's how to make it happen in your life:

I have just shared with you all the information you need to know about the powerful Essence Methodtm. You know it works, and you know what it can do for you in your life. You've read the personal stories of how this method has changed the lives of many others and it can change your life as well.

Let me show you how to get what you really want in your life Today! You can begin as early as right now.

Your Personal Session with Susan will guarantee you will find your Essence and release your pain, fears and stuck emotions... and how deeply gratifying this experience is... to finally be able to give yourself the freedom, love and acceptance you deserve.

After just one session you will feel like you've come

Many people tell us after their session that they feel a deep inner peace and profound love that has been missing in their Hearts for years.

Patricia writes:
"I attended Susan's Hawaii Retreat and experienced the Essence Method in person. WOW. People are asking me if I fell in Love while I was away in Hawaii ... I have returned so radiant and happy... I reply "Yes... with Myself". The Essence Method brought me Home to the place deep within where there is peace and tranquility... where everything is just simply - all right."

  Patricia Hart, Paris, France

Dr. Richard Sandore comments:
"This Method is a masterpiece. Life is so effortless and profoundly meaningful when you live from your Heart and experience your Essence. I recommend this to anyone wanting more out of life."

Dr. Richard Sandore - Zion, IL

"Learning to listen to my Heart..."
"Learning how to listen to my Heart has been the greatest reward... I
made some very important business decisions that I know without a doubt
are right. I am going in a direction I would not have gone in without this. I am
so excited about my future now!"

  Andrea Irwen - Madison, WI

I look forward to assisting you in creating the life your Heart truly desires and finding deep, long lasting inner peace and joy.

May you live the vibrant passionate life you deserve,

Sincerely from my Heart,

Susan Castle

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"The Essence Method was a great awakening for me. Re-connecting to myself so deeply has given me a sense of peace and confidence... feelings I have longed for all my life.

The Essence Method opened my Heart which has allowed me to feel Love again. This openness to Love is now what I feel on a daily basis. It gives me the confidence to pursue my life's dreams and goals. I now know what it feels like to feel more love than fear... Truly it's the confidence booster I've needed all my life.

Success has already begun for me and I give Susan's Essence Method full credit for this. I have discovered my life's dream and am seeing it manifest before my very eyes."

Rick Welch,   Alberta, Canada

Susan M. Castle
Founder of
The Essence Method TM

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    received amazing results from this Method, each person's
    experience is unique and benefit is greatly enhanced with
    an open mind.


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