Discover How Just 7 Days Can Transform
Your Life and Your Heart

You're closer than you can imagine to letting go of a lifetime
of struggle, stress and disappointment and instead replace
those with an open Heart filled with joy, love and abundance

Join Susan at
The Heart Essence Retreat Training

Levels I and II

April 11-18th, 2008

in the beautiful paradise of
Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii

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Come journey with
dolphins in the wild...

And experience their healing
vibrational energy and love


Experience the Unconditional Love of
The Dolphins As The Sacred Center of Your Heart Opens...

And years of sadness, anger, guilt, regret, shame, anxiety, self doubt, fear and feelings of aloneness
begin to melt away

So that you are free to live the life
Your Heart truly desires

Dear Heart Essence Treasured Friend,

Sometimes experiences come into our lives that change the way we live, the way we love and that open our Hearts to a deeper connection within ourselves, with each other and with God, Creator, The Divine.

Are you looking for such an experience?

If you've answered YES then I invite you to read on...

The magic and powerful healing energy of Hawaii is one of those life changing experiences for me. And I would love to share it with you.

The dolphins have tugged at my Heart strings once again and I've been moved to hold my
Heart Essence Retreat Training in Hawaii. I believe the dolphin's teachings are more important now than ever. (More about that later)

First, let me ask you an important question... I must say it's a bit direct but there is a reason
for my directness...

Is your Heart open, closed or somewhere in between?

No matter how you've answered, I honor you on your journey. Because I know what it feels like to have a closed Heart... and I know what it feels like when my Heart is open.

And I know how my life has changed in ways beyond my wildest dreams by melting away the guards around my Heart and remembering to live from my Heart.

One thing I have learned over the years is that your Heart needs to be open in order to feel true love, joy and passion. All too often we unconsciously hold a guard around our Heart in the quest to prevent ourselves from feeling fear, pain, sadness, loneliness and abandonment.

We don't realize that by placing this guard around our Heart we are actually cutting ourselves off from the very thing we long for the most.

In order to consciously create (Co-Create) your Heart's most treasured dreams your Heart needs to be open. Consciously creating what we really want (from the Heart) requires us to let go and release the years of limiting beliefs, old thought patterns and stuck emotions that hold us back in life.

The creation I'm talking about is creating the deepest dreams of your Heart that go way beyond money, success, beauty, and even romantic love relationships. I'm speaking of manifesting the deepest experiences of self love, self acceptance and lasting inner peace.

I'm talking about living your life's purpose with grace and ease.

I'm talking about opening your Heart to the deepest experiences of love we can have as humans. This is only possible when the guards we hold around our Heart melt away and we are once again intimately connected - One with - Source, the Divine, our God Essence.

We can facilitate this opening of the Heart through experiences that touch us deeply. And by connecting with others who share the same Heart's intent.

That my friend, is why I have created the upcoming Heart Essence Hawaii Retreat.

Special experiences in our lives help us to know that we're not alone and that we are One with God, Source, The Divine. And that we are connected to each other through this Oneness.

These experiences give us the certainty that there is a higher wisdom that guides us to the peace and the freedom we long to feel. And that this higher wisdom guides us to the unveiling of our life's purpose.

I've been blessed with many experiences that have changed the way I live my life and the way I love myself and others. Perhaps you feel the same about your life.

What I've come to understand is that these experiences have filled an emptiness inside me that I didn't even know was there. And they have melted the guards around my Heart and greatly enhanced my connection to Source, my connection with the Divine and my connection to the One - all that is.

The deeply transformational experiences I am talking about have allowed me to come to know grace, through my open Heart. This grace has come in the form of unconditional love. This has been my strength, my inspiration, and my courage to remove the mask of my ego mind and allow my true Essence to shine brightly.

It is the journey into my Heart that has given me the courage to live my life's purpose. It is the journey into my Heart that has given me the strength and inspiration - day by day - to make peace with my greatest challenges (my deepest pain) and accept the gift in all experiences.

It is the journey into your Heart that will allow you to do the same and more.

It is the journey into the sacred center of your Heart
that reveals to you how your greatest pain
is your greatest gift

The invitation is here for you to be graced through the sacred center of your Heart with a Divinely guided group of like Hearted individuals in the healing energy of Hawaii

If you're reading this letter then you know a lot about me and my personal journey.

You know my love for my Heart work and how learning about unconditional love and Heart
Consciousness have been the most powerful and life changing gifts I've experienced along my way.

You too have experienced the joy and inner fulfillment of learning about yourself and you also have gained a deeper understanding of your own personal journey and what it means to truly love yourself.

I know for many of you, learning to live consciously from your Heart and learning to love yourself unconditionally have been life changing lessons. I'm grateful as well as blessed to have been a part of your journey and to have been able to help you reconnect to these powerful states of being.

What I'm about to share with you today has changed my life in ways that often amaze and astound me, most certainly in ways that delight me. I find myself bubbling over with excitement to share what I've learned with you because I know it will amaze and delight you as well.

Several years ago I learned a powerful healing therapy that I have now integrated into my Essence Method and The Mind-Heart Integration Process. The powerful therapy I am referring to is called Radiant Heart Therapy. I learned this therapy from Dr. Sharon Wendt.

The Radiant Heart Therapy coupled with my own work has been the single most effective way for me to release the guards around my Heart. And to come to know the Sacred Center of my Heart.

Several months ago I learned a powerful process that I have also integrated into my Essence Method and The Mind-Heart Integration Process. The powerful process I am referring to is called Hawaiian Ho'Oponopono. I learned this process from Dr. Hew Len.

I'll share with you the integration of these two powerful processes within my Heart Essence work and help you REMEMBER your own inner Radiance, Light and Love.

The Journey Into The Sacred Center of Your Heart Is Not A Learning Process It Is A Process Of Remembering

As many of you know, in 1997 I created The Essence Method, (now used by hundreds
of people in over 20 countries), to release and transform any fear into lasting empowerment, to identify your life's purpose, to restore health back to perfect balance, to discover a deep sense of self-love and self acceptance and to bring more love and peace into the world.

The Essence Method has helped hundreds of people free themselves from stuck emotions and limiting beliefs and live the life they have always dreamed of living.

However, as I learned and remembered Radiant Heart Therapy and Hawaiian Ho'Oponopono (a process of becoming One with the Divine and learning to forgive one's self through unconditional love) I realized that these healing methods held the key to expanding my own growth and my work. This critical key is the connection to the Divine - The Divine within you, the Divine within me.

I relearned that in order to manifest anything, we must first surrender to the knowing that we have everything already. We are perfect just as we are. And that pure manifestation comes from a state of Pure Heart (an open Heart free from memory), being ONE with Source, the Divine.

If we think otherwise, we are stuck in an old pattern that does not serve us well. We are caught up in the mind, living out old memories, with a guard around our Heart. And we have separated ourselves from Pure Heart, from the Divine.

If you experience a prolonged imbalance in any area of your life, (in other words a problem or challenge that just keeps nagging you) it's an old memory playing.
It's a hidden subconscious belief that fuels your challenges, your struggles and ignites your pain. It's an old memory that places a guard around your Heart and keeps you in the loop of the old pattern.

So you see, it's not your fault. You can't help it. Nor can I...

However, we can do something about it. And that is what this upcoming retreat will do for you.

The upcoming Heart Essence Retreat Training is a
quantum leap in the field of personal growth and healing...


Hawaiian Paradise - is it
calling to you...

Why attending this retreat could change your life forever!

You're receiving this exclusive invitation to experience the journey into the sacred center of your Heart (and if you choose to become a Heart Essence practitioner) because you have expressed an interest in my work and have demonstrated the qualities that would allow you to grace our retreat circle at my upcoming Hawaii Retreat event.

I've designed
The Heart - Essence Retreat Seminar for that special someone who wishes to live from the joy and passion of their Heart, to learn a powerful way of living that ensures feelings of self-love, joy, passion, personal purpose, lasting inner peace, and to help others to enjoy the same way of Being.

The Heart - Essence Retreat Seminar is not for everyone. However, it's for those who are dedicated to personal and spiritual growth from the Heart. It's for those who desire to live life feeling a greater sense of joy, peace, love and inner harmony - even during challenging times.

The True Meaning of Intimacy
" Into Me I See..."

It's for you who want to delve deeper, to understand yourself at an even deeper, more intimate level and to continue to uncover any hidden limiting beliefs that hold you back from realizing
the success you deserve in all areas of your life.

If you're receiving this invitation and you're ready to melt away all the guards around your Heart - then this retreat is for you.

If you have a desire to release those "last to go" stuck emotions or hidden blocks within your own Heart, feel more joy and allow more love into your Heart and to learn an advanced method that will help you (and others) live the life that you long for, then I invite you to read on...

"All dis-ease in the human body is related to a lack of love or to experiencing only love that is conditional"
Dr. Bernie Siegel

The Heart-Essence Hawaii Retreat

I've created the The Heart Essence Hawaii Retreat Training to guide a small and intimate group of Heart Essence friends into the remembrance of your Open Heart, ONE within Source

When you attend this retreat you will learn the integration of
The Essence Method, The Merkaba, Mind-Heart Integration Process, Guided Meditation, Theta Healing, Dolphin Essence, Revisioning and Hawaiian Ho'Oponopono.

We'll focus on this integration throughout the entire retreat week. By the end of the week this process will be automatic for you.

The dolphins are teaching us how to open our Hearts and to enjoy the feeling of unconditional love

Come journey with the dolphins

Experience the healing energy of the dolphins as your Heart opens to
profound joy and love

You're invited to sign up for a guided journey out to sea with our own boat captain to experience the dolphins

Here's what you'll learn when you attend the Heart Essence
Retreat Training:

  • The Integration of The Heart Essence Method, The Mind-Heart Integration
    Process, The Merkaba, Theta Healing, Revisioning, Manifesting From Your
    Heart and a
    chance to perfect your skills even further and become more
    familiar with Heart Consciousness

    A certification in The Heart Essence Method Levels I and II

  • Entering into the Sacred Center of Your Heart: This is NOT a learning
    process, this is a remembrance.. I will show you how to remember
    the essence of your Sacred Heart Center and how to live from this
    sacred center

  • The gift of Opening Your Heart To Love and an evening of
    opening to your own radiance, light and love. You will learn
    a unique way of meeting the Essence in another by allowing
    your own Essence to shine forth

    A special feature during this evening experience will be melting
    away any guards or stuck emotions that prevent you from
    experiencing love to its fullest in your life and in your Heart

  • Learn the advanced Essence Method which now includes:

    An advanced process of connecting with your inner child
    Theta Healing and Connecting with Source
    Cleansing Hawaiian Ha - Breathing
    An advanced Essence Method you can do in just 3 minutes

  • Discover a clearing and cleansing process that will allow
    you, your loved ones and your generational lineage to clear
    the most limiting patterns, beliefs, fears
    and old memories
    so you can truly enjoy the freedom you deserve

  • Discover Theta Healing and what remaining hidden limiting belief
    or fear
    prevents you from having all you desire in your life and how
    to clear this using The Theta Healing Process

    and learn how to assist others in transforming their limiting beliefs
  • Experience a lasting feeling of coming "Home", deeply connected to
    your Authentic Self, Your Essence, The Divine so you can feel lasting
    peace, tranquility and a sense of deep Spiritual Oneness

  • Identify and clear anything that holds you back from the success you
    deserve in all areas of your life as we use the Theta Healing Process called
    "digging for core beliefs"
    to unveil your deepest fears and hidden memories

  • Discover the Serenity Point: A powerful meridian point in the center of your
    chest that when massaged will return your mind, body and spirit to balance

  • Enjoy morning Qi Gong out on the land, the healing energy of the dolphins,
    daily meditation, and so much more
  • Experience the dolphins and come to know the Divine message they have for
    you and for all of us

My background, of over 25 years of study, that I bring to you at this retreat training includes specific training in Chinese Energetic Medicine, Radiant Heart Therapy, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Guided Imagery, Meditation, Qi Gong, Yuen Energetics, Reiki, NLP, Theta Healing, Ho'Oponopono, and Occupational Therapy.

The Heart-Essence Retreat Seminar is designed to include a bit of all my trainings and an integration of my newest study in Theta Healing, Learning the Merkaba and Hawaiian Ho'Oponopono.

I'll be accepting only 12 individuals for the retreat training dates in April.

What will you get by attending this retreat?

  • You will identify any remaining hidden beliefs or blocks that may prevent you from creating the life of your dreams (including the business you desire, personal relationships, spiritual connectedness or radiant health) and clear them

    A special invitation is here for you to clear any blocks that prevent you from
    experiencing the kind of love you desire in your life and in your Heart

  • A course manual with CDs, over 10 of the best and most effective exercises on
    how to open your Heart to manifest your deepest desires

  • A powerful advanced Essence Method exercise that will allow you to embrace
    your feelings in any given moment and cleanse and clear so you can return to
    harmony and balance within yourself

  • Hands on exercises and application of the most cutting edge healing techniques
    in the fields of vibrational medicine and mind - body integration

  • Experience, first hand, The Advanced Essence Method, where you will dissect the method and learn the secret that makes The Essence Method different that any other method available in personal growth and life transformation

  • Powerful healing meditations and guided imagery that utilizes the healing energy
    of love and the vital energy of the earth to restore, rebalance and re-harmonize
    the human energy system

  • Discover the most powerful and effective method for releasing blocks and
    fears that prevent you from creating the kind of life your Heart Desires

  • A complete understanding of the human energy system and how you can
    influence your energy system for optimal results

  • Upon successful completion of the training, you will receive a Heart Essence
    Practitioner Certificate which will allow you to be a practitioner of the
    Heart Essence work

  • An enjoyable and relaxing retreat in Nature, meeting new friends and forming a special inspirational Heart Team that will be there for you whenever you wish

My Personal Guarantee:

1. I'll share with you how I have integrated my newest study in The Sacred Center of Your Heart, Theta Healing and Hawaiian Ho'Oponopono into The Essence Method and living consciously from your Heart - so that you can use it effectively in your life and in the lives of others to fulfill all your Heart's dreams and desires.

2. I'ill share with you the miraculous and powerful Opening Your Heart To Love
process and you will feel a love, so deep in your Heart, it will amaze you.

It's my intent to share with you how this opening of your Heart will guide you in the creation
of the kind of love you desire in your Heart, in your life and in your relationships

Special Bonus: Receive your FREE GIFT when you attend this retreat:
Receive FREE a beautiful relaxing CD by Susan

Payment plans available

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The Hert Essence Training Registration includes:
All course materials and Heart Essence Certification upon successful completion of the training. Also included are two dolphin swims, special evening presentations which include Opening Your Heart to Love, Sunset Meditations, Hula evening, morning Qi Gong at sacred sites, and so much more.


Your Retreat Home is called
"Hale Naia" which means
House of the Dolphin

"Hale Naia"

Your retreat house rests on the ocean... in the sacred bay of

Kealakekua Bay
"Pathway to the Gods"


Every room in the retreat house overlooks Kealakekua Bay

April 11-18th, 2008
Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii

Heart Essence Seminar Fee: Normally $3495

Fill our last spot discount:

Your Seminar Fee of $2295 Includes:

7 Days of Heart Essence Seminar Training
with certification and all course materials

(120 page course manual and 8 CDs)

Two dolphin swims with our private boat captain

Hula Evening and Special Presentation

Opening Your Heart To Love Evening With Susan

Morning Qi Gong at a oceanside Hawaiian Sacred Site

Sunset guided meditations

Lodging at the main retreat House and all Meals

and much more...

Reserve Your Space Today with a deposit of $695

LomiLomi Hawaiian Massage is available on site for
an additional fee of $60 per 70 minute massage

Retreat begins the evening (5:00 p.m.) of April 11th and
ends at 10:00 a.m. on April 19th

Meals: The retreat house in located in a secluded bay far from town
therefore meals are served at the retreat house.

If you wish to go into town for lunch, you will need to have
a car rental

Click here to register online

Registration is
 available for the first 12 people and
we are currently 90% full - however we do have 1 space
open as of today

To register for the Heart Essence Retreat Seminar
call us today at 877-305-2422 or 847-520-1983

"What we have done for ourselves alone dies with
us; what we have done for others and the world
remains and is immortal."
- Albert Pik

Enjoy the beauty of the Islands

Your Faculty at the Heart Essence Retreat:

Susan M. Castle
Radiant Heart Therapist
Theta Healing Practitioner

Susan will be your teacher and guide into the miraculous healing Heart Essence Process and The Essence Methodtm.

Susan is the founder of "The Essence Methodtm" and The Mind-Heart Integration Process. She is also the author of "Creating Your Heart's Vision"
and The Heart Essence Learning System.

Susan brings over 20 years of experience in the fields of vibrational medicine, mind - body integration and energy healing to this training

Sincerely from my Heart,

Susan Castle

The Hawaiian word
for Turtle

Swim with the "Honu"

Hawaiian sea turtle is a symbol of good luck and a long life to the Hawaiians

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  Join me on the big Island
of Hawaii

Enjoy a beautiful relaxing resort nestled by the ocean...
where the dolphins come in to play

call us at
or 847-520-1983

Seminar Retreat Fee includes The Heart Essence Training Course and all materials, lodging and meals, two dolphin swims, morning Qi Gong, sunset meditations, sacred Hula evening, your welcome gift and much more.

The following are not included in the seminar fee and are additional:
oceanside lomilomi full body massage, snorkel gear rental, transportation

For the comfort and safety of our guests, our retreats follow a
non - alcohol and non - smoking policy

All retreat activities are on a voluntary basis and the decision to participate in them is solely up to the individual participant.

We are not responsible for any personal injury or lost or stolen belongings.

Journeying with dolphins when we go out to sea with our private boat captain is dependent upon weather and environmental conditions

Space is very limited,
call us today


A non-refundable deposit
of $695.00 is required to
hold your space.

Our retreats fill fast!

In fairness to those who desire to attend
there is no refund once you have registered
as this retreat has limited seating.

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make your deposit

Full payment is due 30 days prior to
the start date of the retreat (unless you have
arranged for a payment plan with Susan)

Payment plans are available

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