Susan M. Castle

Radiant Heart Therapist
Theta Healing Practitioner
AFT Practitioner

Will train just 12 individuals at her upcoming
Heart Essence Training in beautiful Sedona
August 24-30th, 2008

Discover How You Can Remove Any Block That Prevents
You From Opening Your Heart To Love And Abundance...

So that you can create the kind of health, prosperity,
love and abundance you desire in your life...

And you can help others do the same

There's a special place deep in the red rocks
of Sedona that embraces you in love, healing and lasting inspiration...

This special and sacred place is nestled along the tranquil waters of Oak Creek Canyon where you will discover...

How to realize your Heart's most treasured goals and dreams and become certified in

Heart Essence Therapy - Levels I and II


A Very Special And Unique Heart Essence Event

Experience the powerful Heart Essence Retreat
where I'll unveil my best kept secrets to:
Opening Your Heart To The Essence of Love, Health,
Forgiveness, Abundance and Prosperity
August 24-30th, 2008

in the tranquil beauty
of Oak Creek Canyon

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Since 1997, The Essence Method (which you will learn at this retreat) has empowered hundreds of individuals to open their Hearts to Love, prosperity, release hidden fears and blocks in an instant, discover their life's purpose and live with clarity, feel more joy and passion in their everyday life, and feel a profound and lasting inner peace.

Learning this powerful method will do the same for you

This powerful retreat is for coaches, healers, health care practitioners,
teachers, therapists, reiki practitioners, EFT practitioners and anyone who
feels called to open their Heart to the healing power of Love and learn a
complete method of personal growth and transformation for yourself and
to share withlov loved ones, clients and friends

Discover your Essence
-The Authentic You-

Experience The Heart Essence Retreat Training Levels I and II in beautiful Sedona, AZ

August 24-30th, 2008

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A Very Special Invitation To The
Heart-Essence Levels I and II
Retreat Training

Your Faculty: Susan M. Castle With Special Guest:
Rahelio - Native American Shaman

"Susan's Essence Method teaches us how to listen to our Heart and how to express our feelings. Susan's work provides valuable tools for self assessment, spiritual growth and a healthy heart. A must for those who wish to tap the wisdom inside them that has more profound healing power than all the medical resources available."

 Dr. Bruno Cortis, Spiritual Cardiologist
author of "Heart and Soul"

Dear Fellow Healers and Compassionate Hearted Friends,

As I sit next to a warm, cozy fire here in my living room my Heart is filled with joy and gratitude. I'm excited to be able to share with you something that has been a dream of mine for over ten years. To now realize this dream brings a tear to my eyes and profound joy to my Heart.

My name is Susan Castle, and in 1997 I created a method, now used by hundreds of people in over 20 countries, to release and transform any fear into lasting empowerment in an instant, to identify your life's purpose, to restore health back to perfect balance,
to discover a deep sense of self-love and to bring more love and peace into the world.

The method I am about to share with you has helped hundreds of people free themselves from stuck emotions and limiting beliefs and live the life they have always dreamed of living. And now you can experience it for yourself and share it with others.

A quantum leap in the field of personal growth and healing...

The method I am referring to is The Essence Method
tm. Quite simply stated, The Essence Method is the best program available for releasing hidden limiting beliefs, fears and blocks through the love within your Heart. This unique and powerful method allows you to connect to your authentic self and inspires you to live the life your Heart truly desires.

Why reading this letter could change your life forever...

The greatest healing often occurs while the rest of the world is looking in the wrong place. Everyday people are finding the true healing methods and are enjoying the amazing results in their lives with far less struggle and effort.

There is a simpler, faster and easier way... It's called The Essence Method.

The Essence Method is a highly effective and proven method which is designed
to help you live free from stress, free from worry, with clarity, passion and purpose.
The Essence Method will teach you the secrets to:

  • Release any negative emotions or blocked energy immediately
    and allow your feelings to flow
    naturally and easily through your
    Heart. Feel profound joy and happiness! You will also be able to
    help your clients, friends and loved ones clear stuck emotions
    and blocks as well

  • Transform any fear into empowerment in an instant allowing you
    to feel unshakable self confidence and deep inspiration and you can
    teach others how to feel the same

  • Experience a new found sense of courage, hope and confidence in your
    ability to create what you really want in your life

  • Discover how to Open Your Heart to Love, and how to feel more self
    love and a deeper love from your loved ones

  • Learn how to get in touch with your intuition and use it confidently
    in your daily life for more fulfillment and lasting prosperity

  • Discover how The Essence MethodTM is one of the most profound health
    practices available to us today and how by practicing this skill you can restore radiant health and emotional well being in minutes rather than months and years

  • Live from your Heart and learn how to tap your Heart's Wisdom
    to gain clarity, make better decisions, and trust it in your daily life

  • Discover what hidden limiting belief prevents you from having all you
    desire in your life and how to transform your hidden limiting belief into
    one of deep
    inner empowerment

    and learn how to assist others in transforming their limiting beliefs

  • A feeling of coming "Home", deeply connected to your Authentic Self,
    Your Essence, which allows you to feel lasting peace, tranquility
    and a sense of well being

Don't just read about it, or hear about it - EXPERIENCE IT for yourself!

Here is a real life story of a woman who believed she would never again feel the wonder of her open Heart. She held a limiting belief that because of childhood issues she would not be able to completely open her Heart to trust and to feel Love. She experienced
The Heart Essence Process and she was moved to tears, and here is what she wrote in a letter to me a few weeks later:

I wasn't sure I could ever feel love again...
“I was skeptical at first to believe this would work... and what a surprise. I will never forget the warmth and love I felt in my heart during the Opening Your Heart to Love evening where I experienced The Essence Method... this was one of the highlights of my experience during the retreat. I felt deep love and warmth in my Heart for the first time in a long time. It brought tears of joy. I know what it feels like now to have an open Heart and to feel my own self love." R Lamborgina

Here is another real life testimonial of a client of mine who experienced the Essence Method who was challenged with a diagnosis of cancer.

Susan's work is a real winner:
"I am a cancer survivor... Susan's work has helped me return to balance and inner peace. My fears have been calmed, embraced and released. I never thought I would be able to reach such a state of inner peace given the daily challenges of being diagnosed with such a life threatening disease. I am grateful for her work"
Jean Grewn - McHenry,Illinois   


The Essence Method allows you to feel your feelings all of them, and to embrace them and gift them with love

Glenda shares her experience

"I've never felt such love in my Heart.
I never knew what unconditional self love felt like until now. What a beautiful peaceful feeling."

Here is a gentleman who lived his life feeling a heaviness around his Heart until he experienced The Essence Method:

"My Heart feels light..."
"The pain and heaviness around my Heart is gone. I feel loved and accepted by the one person who I've wanted it from the most... Myself."

Bobbi Parnel - Austin, Texas

These are just a few of the hundreds of people I have worked with who have benefited from The Essence Method. Because I know the profound power of this work to heal
and transform the lives of others, I've decided to train a small group of individuals in
this method.

You are receiving this exclusive invitation to become a Heart Essence practitioner because you have expressed an interest in my work and have demonstrated the qualities that would make you a successful and compassionate Heart Essence practitioner.

I've designed
The Heart - Essence Retreat Seminar for that special someone who wishes to live from the joy and passion of their Heart, to learn a powerful way of living that ensures feelings of self-love, joy, passion, personal purpose, lasting inner peace, and to help others to enjoy the same way of Being.

The Heart - Essence Retreat Seminar is not for everyone. However, it is for those who are dedicated to personal and spiritual growth from the Heart. It is for those who desire to live life feeling a greater sense of joy, peace, love and inner harmony - even during challenging times.

If you have a desire to release stuck emotions or hidden blocks within your own Heart, feel more joy and allow more love into your Heart and to learn a method that will help
you (and others) live the life that you long for, then I invite you to read on...

"All dis-ease in the human body is related to a lack of love or to experiencing only love that is conditional"
Dr. Bernie Siegel

The Heart-Essence Retreat Seminar

I have created the The Heart Essence Retreat Seminar to teach a small group of individuals The Essence Method and the principles of healing from the Heart. I will be revealing the best principles from over 25 years of personal study and training in the
field of mind-body medicine.

Learning these powerful principles will help you uncover any fear or block that prevents you from having what you want, release it and focus - with clarity- on what you really want in your life. You will learn how to release the block and applying the secrets to effortlessly manifest what you really want will change your life.

My background, of over 25 years of study, that I bring to you at this retreat training includes specific training in Chinese Energetic Medicine, Radiant Heart Therapy, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Guided Imagery, Meditation, Qi Gong, Yuen Energetics, Reiki, NLP, Theta Healing and Occupational Therapy.

The Heart-Essence Retreat Seminar is designed to include a bit of all my trainings. The first two days of the retreat are designed to teach you the groundwork for The Essence Methodtm and for manifesting all that you desire in your life. Upon successful completion of the retreat training, you can become a Heart - Essence Practitioner. This one time only training is being offered in January in the beautiful red rock country known as Sedona, AZ.

I will be accepting only 12 individuals for the retreat training dates.

This training will not be offered again this year.

Who Should Attend:

Teachers, therapists, reiki practitioners, massage therapists, psychologists, healers, coaches, and anyone who wishes to add to their current skills. This is a wonderful training for personal trainers, moms, people wanting to start a healing practice, and anyone who wishes to open their Heart to love and abundance and be an inspiration
for others to do the same.

For those who are among the 12 trained Essence Method Practitioners, you will be trained in a highly unique and profoundly powerful method of personal transformation. This training is designed to be a compliment to any of the other coaching, and or mind body therapies you may be currently practicing or studying.

It's a great way to attract new clients, address additional issues with current clients, or to use for your own health and well being.

What will I get by attending this retreat?

  • You will identify any hidden beliefs or blocks that may prevent you from creating
    the life of your dreams (including the business you desire, personal relationships,
    spiritual connectedness or radiant health) and clear them.

  • A course manual with CDs, over 10 of the best and most effective exercises on
    how to open your Heart to manifest your deepest desires

  • A powerful exercise that will give you crystal clear clarity on your life's purpose and give you the courage to live it

  • Hands on exercises and application of the most cutting edge healing techniques
    in the fields of vibrational medicine and mind - body integration

  • Experience, first hand, The Essence Method, where you will dissect the method
    and learn the secret that makes The Essence Method different that any other method available in personal growth and life transformation

  • Powerful healing meditations and guided imagery that utilizes the healing energy
    of love and the vital energy of the earth to restore, rebalance and re-harmonize
    the human energy system

  • Discover the most powerful and effective method for releasing blocks and
    fears that prevent you from creating the kind of life your Heart Desires

  • A complete understanding of the human energy system and how you can
    influence your energy system for optimal results

  • Upon successful completion of the training, you will receive a Heart Essence Practitioner Certificate which will allow you to be a practitioner of the Heart
    Essence work

  • An enjoyable and relaxing retreat in Nature, meeting new friends
    and forming a special inspirational Heart Team that will be there for you
    whenever you wish

My Personal Guarantee:

1. I will share with you the best kept secret in the personal growth field - The Essence Method - so that you can use it effectively in your life and in the lives of others to fulfill all your Heart's dreams and desires.

2. I will share with you the miraculous and powerful Opening Your Heart To Love
process and you will feel a love, so deep in your Heart, it will amaze you.

Please note: The Heart Essence Retreat Seminar Training is not affiliated with any other programs or coaching universities.

Special Bonus: Receive your FREE GIFT!
Receive FREE a beautiful relaxing CD by Susan titled "Opening Your Heart To Love" when you attend the Retreat

Payment plans available

Click here to order your training today

or call us at 877-305-2422 or 847-520-1983

The Hert Essence Sedona Training Registration includes:
All course materials and Heart Essence Certification Levels I and II - upon
successful completion of the training. Also included are two special evenings
which include Opening Your Heart to Love and Shamanic Fire Ceremony.

Also included is morning Qi Gong out on the land in the many powerful
energy vortexes of Sedona and 2 group dinners.

Lodging, Meals And Massage Are Additional:

Lodging is available at the Junipine retreat center for $95 per person per night
based on double occupancy, single villas are available at the rate of $190 per night

Partial meals are included (2 group dinners)

Hawaii Retreat 2002
4 people in this picture manifested one of their Heart's deepest Desires within 30 days of attending this retreat...

Can you guess who they are?


Please Note:

The Heart Essence Retreat will fill quickly as I am accepting just 12


August 24-30th, 2008
Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona

Registration: $1495
Early bird discount: $995

(early bird discount until midnight July 30th

2 group dinners are included in your registration

Registration does NOT include lodging, meals, massage, Sweat Lodge
Lodging at Junipine is $190 per night plus tax per single villa
(Double occupancy when available = $95 per person plus tax per night)

Sweat Lodge is an additional $195

Click here to register online

Registration is
 available for the first 12 people

To register for the Heart Essence Retreat Seminar
call us today at 877-305-2422 or 847-520-1983

"What we have done for ourselves alone dies with
us; what we have done for others and the world
remains and is immortal."
- Albert Pik


Set Yourself FREE...
With The Essence Method

Where love is stronger than fear

Here are just some of the many benefits you will receive when you experience The Heart Essence Retreat Seminar and learn The Essence Method

You will learn how to:

  • De-Stress your mind and body and return to your natural state of balance and inner harmony and be able to teach others how to de-stress also

  • Uncover any blocks that prevent you from having what you want
    in your life and release them to allow for what you do want
    into your life

  • Learn the ground breaking principles of Vibrational Medicine, the human energy field and the 7 chakras and how to assess the harmony and balance of the human energy field

  • Release any negative emotions or blocked energy and allow your feelings to flow naturally and easily and you will be able to help your clients, family and loved ones clear stuck emotions or
    blocks also

  • Live from your Heart and learn how to tap your Heart's Wisdom and trust it in your daily life

  • Transform any fear into empowerment in an instant allowing you
    to feel confident and whole and teach others how to do the same

  • Discover what limiting belief prevents you from having all you desire in your life and how to transform your limiting belief into one of deep inner empowerment

    and learn how to assist others in transforming their limiting beliefs

  • You will discover the "law of attraction" - the number one principle to manifesting and how to make shifts within You to attract what you desire - effortlessly and how to help others do the same

  • You will gain clarity on Your Life's Purpose and you will discover an unshakable inner strength and courage to live it and to help others do the same

  • You'll free yourself from feelings of guilt and self doubt and you will feel lighter, happier and a greater sense of joy in your Heart

  • You'll will feel your own SELF LOVE and learn how to Love yourself unconditionally and attract the love you seek and deserve and how to help others do the same

  • You will discover The Essence Method, a powerful tool to use daily to improve your relationship with work, loved ones, your children and Your Self

  • You will learn unconditional acceptance of yourself and the art
    of self love

  • You will FEEL your Heart open and you will feel your inner radiance flow throughout your entire body... a wonderful feeling you will never forget

"The Heart has its own powerful form of wisdom, much different from that of the rational brain. The Heart speaks when the brain is silenced and we are quiet... The real problem is our brain is thinking so hard we can't hear the Wisdom of our Heart."

Dr. Paul Pearsall

Your Faculty at the Heart Essence Retreat:

Susan M. Castle

Susan will be your teacher and guide into the miraculous healing Heart Essence Process and The Essence Methodtm.

Susan is the founder of "The Essence Methodtm" and The Mind-Heart Integration Process. She is also the author of "Creating Your Heart's Vision"
and "The Heart Essence Learning System".

Susan brings over 20 years of experience in the fields of vibrational medicine, mind - body integration and energy healing to this training


 With special guest

in the Red Rocks

our own Native American Shaman and guide who will take us deep into the Sedona red rocks for sacred drumming, chanting and fire ceremony. We will journey to the Shaman's Cave also known as the Cave of the Heart.

This will be an experience you will remember forever.

You are invited to meet and experience the work of a Native American Shaman. Rahelio will be your guide to take us on a journey deep into the red rocks of Sedona to share sacred fire ceremony, meditation, drumming and chant.

Imagine a land so beautiful it takes your breath away...

Imagine learning about the Medicine Wheel, Fire Ceremony, Sacred Drumming, Astrology and much more from a man who is deeply in tune with Mother Earth, Native American Tradition and Sacred Ceremony and Healing.

Read about the benefits others have experienced with the Essence Method:

"After just one session"...

"After one session with Susan - I'm at peace with myself for the first time in my life. After struggling with self esteem / self worth issues for years, all of a sudden those issues are gone. I like myself. I love myself. I'm happy with myself. I've been working towards that for so long, yet I never really thought I'd get there. And I never imagined how good it would feel - until now."

Kim Duke - San Jose, CA 

The Essence Method has helped hundreds of people, just like you, to live life with passion, courage and on purpose. Free from fear, blocks, and pain.

The Essence Method invites you to embrace your inner child... the wise, intuitive, creative and playful genius within you... Re-connecting to this part of yourself is a real coming Home.

Heather writes about her experience with The Essence Method:

"I have done inner child work before, quite a bit actually. But The Essence Method is the most powerful tool that I have ever experienced for getting in touch with my inner child and hidden fears. Finding the little girl within me and bringing her with me everyday has been a profound breakthrough and it has changed how I live my life. I now feel connected to myself, whole and loved. It's amazing the difference this method has made in my life."

  Heather Johnson - Sydney Australia

Here are some additional real life stories of people who have experienced this powerful method:

"I am finally free..."
"I've lived with hidden anger and stress much of my life... not really knowing it until one day it was gone. The freedom and complete joy I felt with these heavy feelings gone was a shocking revelation to me. I didn't realize how much those feelings were taxing my body and robbing me of real joy in my Heart. I'm a cancer survivor and I believe it is a direct result of my releasing this hidden anger."

Nadine Zulauf - Celebrating Life, Glenview, Illinois

Dr. Bruno Cortis states...
"This method teaches us how to listen to our Heart and how to express our feelings. Valuable tools for self-assessment, spiritual growth and a healthy heart. A must for
those who wish to tap the wisdom inside them that has more profound healing power than all the medical resources available."

 Dr. Bruno Cortis, Spiritual Cardiologist and author of "Heart and Soul"

"I feel so free and so connected with myself..."
"Susan's work is among the finest I have ever experienced. I have done inner child work before, but this was phenomenal! The deepest work I have ever done by far. I feel so free and so connected to my inner child. This has made a big difference in how I feel on a daily basis. I feel more self love and joy in my Heart than I ever have. I recommend this work to anyone wanting more out of life and to feel more whole."

Steven Kirchen - Chicago, IL

"I have a more calm state of mind..."
"I recently experienced your excellent program and am astounded by its simplicity and the difference it is making in my daily thought patterns. The most prominent benefit that I have noted so far is that I have a more calm state of mind throughout the day and where I would generally get anxious and angry with myself and other people I can now handle the same issues with a lot of calmness."

Bipin Patel - Hertfordshire, England

"Susan's work is transformational..."
"Susan's work is transformational... her healing from the Heart work and Essence Method has been the best part of our Wellness program." 

Dr. Mitch Kaminski, Northfield, IL

"I felt the most profound sense of inner peace..."
"I wasn't sure I was getting it until the very end... then WOW... I felt the most profound sense of inner peace and tranquility I have ever felt in my life. This method is simply amazing and has given me a new sense of hope and deep inspiration."

  Andrew - Toronto, Canada

Here are 6 reasons You need to attend this Retreat:

  • The world needs more open, loving and peaceful Hearts

  • You will feel an unconditional self love so powerful that it will
    amaze you

  • To uncover the block that prevents you from having what you
    want in your life and let it go

  • The desire to assist yourself and others to live a more peaceful,
    happy, healthy and passionate life

  • The need to relax, slow down and re-connect with your
    Spirit - Your Essence

  • The desire to learn how to get clarity and stay focused on your
    life's purpose

  • The desire to return to your Spirit, de-stress and find
    that deep connection to yourself that you've lost along the way

  • The desire to make a difference in your life and the life of those you
    care for... be someone who inspires others to feel more joy and
    passion in their lives

Patricia writes:
"I attended Susan's Hawaii Retreat and experienced the Essence Method in person. WOW. People are asking me if I fell in Love while I was away in Hawaii ... I have returned so radiant and happy... I reply "Yes... with Myself". The Essence Method brought me Home to the place deep within where there is peace and tranquility... where everything
is just simply - all right."

Dr. Richard Sandore comments:
"This Method is a masterpiece. Life is so effortless and profoundly meaningful when you live from your Heart and experience your Essence. I recommend this to anyone wanting more out of life."
Dr. Richard Sandore - Zion, IL

"Learning to listen to my Heart..."
"Learning how to listen to my Heart has been the greatest reward... I
made some very important business decisions that I know without a doubt
are right. I am going in a direction I would not have gone in without this. I am
so excited about my future now!"

  Andrea Irwen - Madison, WI

Be among an intimate group of like Hearted individuals who learn the powerful Essence Method and receive the miraculous benefits of Opening Your Heart to Love. Take your skills to the next level and become certified as a Heart Essence Practitioner.

I look forward to sharing the powerful Heart Essence Retreat Training with you. It's time to create the life your Heart truly desires and find deep, long lasting inner peace
and self-love. And what a gift to pass on to others as well.

Sincerely from my Heart,

Susan Castle


Call today to Register
for this special Heart Essence Retreat Training.
Remember the training is open to the first 12 people who call or register on line.

Call TOLL FREE 1-877-305-2422
or 847-520-1983

Click here to register online

I invite any questions you may have!

I am committed to you and your success and to joining together
to open our Hearts and help heal the planet one compassionate
Heart at a time.

"The Essence Method was a great awakening for me. Re-connecting to myself so deeply has given me a sense of peace and confidence... feelings I have longed for all my life.

The Essence Method opened my Heart which has allowed me to feel Love again. This openness to Love is now what I feel on a daily basis. It gives me the confidence to pursue my life's dreams and goals. I now know what it feels like to feel more love than fear... Truly it's the confidence booster I've needed all my life.

Success has already begun for me and I give Susan's Essence Method full credit for this. I have discovered my life's dream and am seeing it manifest before my very eyes."
Rick Welch - Alberta, Canada


Susan M. Castle
Founder of
The Essence Method TM

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