Discover the secrets to Manifesting Your Heart's Deepest Desires

The Lake Geneva
"Realize Your Heart's Dreams"

with experts
Paul Bauer and Susan Castle

June 19-26th, 2011
(you may arrive the evening of
the 18th if you like)

Clear Any Blocks to Opening Your Heart To Love, Abundance, Your Personal Purpose and
Your Heart's Deepest Desires

"I got to learn through the eyes of a child with an open mind and heart and found I truly enjoyed being me..."

"These are mere words and they alone can't describe the essence and the experience of being in touch with ones heart. I watch myself as I shed the weight of past experiences, old thought patterns and blocked emotions and express real freedom.

I was able to reconnect with a part of me that I had forgotten long ago and that I now own and walk hand and hand with. It was a piece that I had spent many years searching for outside
of myself only to discover I had it all along."

Heather Trondsen - Sooke, BC Canada

"Experiencing The Essence Method was one of the most profound experiences of my life. Wow, what a gift. Once you journey so deeply inward, you just never want to turn back. I got far more than what I came for... my life will be forever changed."

John Platis - Woodland Hills, CA

 Yes,  I want to join Susan and Paul at the Lake Geneva Retreat. I am excited to learn the Sacred Knowledge of manifesting abundance, radiant health, and a deep Divine Spiritual connection that lasts a lifetime.

I understand this is a "one time only" event and may never happen again in Lake Geneva. I understand it is a rare opportunity to learn the ancient Sacred Knowledge of Lemuria and Mu.

I accept this invitation and am ready to gain clarity on my life's purpose and am willing to take my life to new and transformational heights of Divine love, peace and joy.

I want to secure one of the few open spots for this exciting and powerful Retreat.

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The Lake Geneva Retreat
June 19-26th
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