Discover how you can clear any blocks that hold
you back from realizing all your Heart's desires
with The Essence Method, EFT and AFT

Jen Charbonneau
Sedona Heart Essence Retreat - Sept. 2005

"I wanted to be able to feel love on a deeper level - to open my Heart, clear the blocks and let love in..."

"I can't believe I might have gone my entire life not knowing I could feel such love in my Heart that I now feel.

The depth of love I feel and continue to feel is phenomenal. My love for my husband, my children and my friends has deepened profoundly.

I find my fear level has melted away in my personal and business life and I feel an inner confidence that I am forever grateful for."

Jen Charbonneau - Ontario Canada


  "Learning Susan's Essence Method has helped me to stay connected to my Heart and it's Wisdom. I feel joy again and have a renewed sense of inspiration and clarity. I have gained clarity on my personal purpose and my journey keeps me inspired to share my purpose and my gifts with others."

 Kris Luke - Huntington Beach, CA

Lillian writes:

"I went to the Sedona retreat last year and I can attest that it did change me and my life for the better. The retreat came at a time when I really needed to refocus, clean out my old thought processes and look at everything with a more open mind.

The greatest thing I learned was how to move forward and how to just simply love and enjoy me for being me. I came away from Sedona with new friends that are on the same spiritual path as I am. We are in touch on a very regular basis.

The energy of Sedona cannot be explained. It must be experienced. I encourage you to go and let your fears fall away like a heavy cloak and just experience what you need to feel from your heart. I am now a better judge of people and situations because I learned from this Retreat how to trust my own feelings."
Lillian Foreman - San Antonio, TX

In 1997 I created a method, now used by hundreds of people in over 20 countries, to release and transform any fear into lasting empowerment, to identify your personal purpose, to restore health back to perfect balance, to discover a deep sense of self-love and to bring more love and peace into the world.

The method I am about to share with you has helped hundreds of people free themselves from stuck emotions and limiting beliefs and live the life they have always dreamed of living. And now you can experience it for yourself and share it with others.

A quantum leap in the field of personal growth and healing...

The method I am referring to is The Essence Method
. Quite simply stated, The Essence Method is the best program available for releasing hidden limiting beliefs, fears and blocks, for connecting to your authentic self and for allowing you to live the life your Heart truly desires.

The Essence Method is a gentle process designed to assist you in the following areas of your life:

  • Discovering and getting clarity on what your Heart Desires -
    Your Heart's Calling, your Soul's destiny
  • Living your life with clarity and focus
  • Getting in touch with any blocks or fears that prevent you from manifesting
    what you truly want in your life and clearing them
  • Gently releasing these blocks and transforming fear into empowerment
  • Embracing your inner Wisdom and learning to Trust it
  • Specific skills you can use in your every day life to effortlessly
    create the results you desire
  • Discovering your own Self Love and Self Acceptance


"By experiencing Susan's Essence Method I feel a beautiful expansive love in my Heart. I never knew what unconditional self love felt like until now. What a beautiful peaceful feeling. My Heart is full."

Glenda Hall - Texas


"Experiencing The Essence Method was one of the most profound experiences of my life. Wow, what a gift. Once you journey so deeply inward, you just never want to turn back. I got far more than what I came for... my life will be forever changed."

John Platis - Woodland Hills, CA

Here is what one man discovered by experiencing The Essence Method®:

Within days of experiencing The Essence Method, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders...

"The results I've had in my life after experiencing The Essence Method are nothing short of a miracle. Prior to my Essence Session, I had become very depressed and discouraged with life. I knew I was depressed, but it wasn't until after your Essence session that I realized how 'un-functional' I was.

Within minutes of finishing the session, I felt clear about what I needed to do to turn my life around. What's more, I felt as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Not only was I clear about what to do, I had the spiritual determination to do it. My spirit took control of my mind and my body and completely 'made' me take action."

Within days of my Essence Session, I had 'created' over $39,000 in new business. And more importantly, I was free... free to BE! Free to be alive and be happy... free to accept my life as it is, and to love it as it is. Thank you Susan."

  Brian Keith Voiles

The Essence Method opened my Heart which has allowed me to feel Love again. This openness to Love is now what I feel on a daily basis. It gives me the confidence to pursue my life's dreams and goals. I now know what it feels like to feel more love than fear... Truly it's the confidence booster I've needed all my life.

Success has already begun for me and I give Susan's Essence Method full credit for this. I have discovered my life's dream and am seeing it manifest before my very eyes."

Rick Welch - Alberta, Canada

Go ahead... set yourself free

I invite you to experience true FREEDOM... freedom from any block, stress or fear you may be feeling. You're invited to discover the secrets to releasing your block or fear - for good - and gift yourself with a renewed sense of hope, joy and passion.

Skeptical? That's ok, I was too at first. Until I experienced for myself, first hand, the miracle of releasing hidden blocks and fear. Imagine how freeing and wonderful it is to release those stuck emotions.

"I Discovered My Life's Purpose..."

"The Essence Method is incredible... I began confused about what I am here to do and ended the seminar with a clear understanding of my Life's Purpose. This has been the most inspiring experience and it has given me the courage to LIVE my life with a deep inner confidence that I am on my path doing God's work."

 Ruth Auriemma - New Jersey

Ruth, from Campache Mexico, shares her experience with opening her Heart

“I was skeptical at first to believe this would work... and what a surprise.

I will never forget the warmth and love I felt in my heart during the Opening Your Heart to Love evening... this was one of the highlights of my experience during the retreat. I felt deep love and warmth in my Heart for the first time in a long time."  

Ruth Ebergenyi Vazques

"The Essence Method has made a profound difference in my life..."
"I have done inner child work before, quite a bit actually. But The Essence Method is the most powerful tool that I have ever experienced for getting in touch with my inner child and hidden fears. Finding the little girl within me and bringing her with me everyday has been a profound breakthrough and it has changed how I live my life. I now feel connected to myself, whole and loved. It's amazing the difference this method has made in my life."

 Heather Johnson - Sydney Australia

Dr. Bruno Cortis states:
"This method teaches us how to listen to our Heart and how to express our feelings. Valuable tools for self-assessment, spiritual growth and a healthy heart. A must for those who wish to tap the wisdom inside them that has more profound healing power than all the medical resources available."

 Dr. Bruno Cortis, Spiritual Cardiologist and author of Heart and Soul

"I feel so free and so connected with myself..."
"Susan's work is among the finest I have ever experienced. I have done inner child work before, but this was phenomenal! The deepest work I have ever done by far. I feel so free and so connected to my inner child. This has made a big difference in how I feel on a daily basis. I feel more self love and joy in my Heart than I ever have. I recommend this work to anyone wanting more out of life and to feel more whole."

 Steven Kirchen - Chicago, IL

"This method is a masterpiece..."
"This method is a masterpiece. Life is so effortless and profoundly meaningful when you live from your Heart and experience love."

Dr. Richard Sandore, Wadsworth, IL


Fall In Love With YOU...
"The Essence Method put me in touch with my Heart... I was able to feel my own self love for the first time. People are telling me I look so radiant and they are asking me if I fell in love... I reply "Yes, with Myself"

Patricia Hart - Paris, France


Opening Your Heart To Love

  • "I thought I would let you know that I am getting married on New Years Day. And part of the reason is the meditations and work I have done throughout the year with you Susan, and from your tapes to open my heart. I have found my true love and opened my heart to him. I feel I have truly manifested my heart's desire. Thank you."

    JK - Santa Margarita, CA

    "My Heart's desires have come true..."

    "I made a list of my Heart's Desires at one of Susan's retreats, and most of them have come true in only 4 months. And the best of the best is my relationship with my son. It has taken a whole new direction. Where our relationship was once strained and distant, we are now close and our loving bond is stronger and stronger. This brings tears of great joy for it has been my greatest desire. I would do this retreat again as it gave me the power to understand my Heart's desires and to make them real."


  • Maria Kalife - Lebanon

    If you knew a way to finally release your pain, stress, fear or subconscious blocks and live the life you long for what would it be worth to you?

    You can experience The Essence Method and explore the possibilities for a fraction of what it costs to hang onto old pain, unhappiness and an unfulfilled personal purpose.

    I invite you to experience true FREEDOM... freedom from any pain, stress or fear you may be feeling. You're invited to discover the secrets to releasing your blocks - for good - and gift yourself with a renewed sense of hope, joy and passion.

    "The Essence Method is a real winner..."

    "I am a cancer survivor... Susan's work has helped me return to balance and inner peace. My fears have been calmed, embraced and released. I never thought I would be able to reach such a state of inner peace given the daily challenges of being diagnosed with such a life threatening disease. I am grateful for her work"
    Jean Grewn - McHenry,Illinois        

    I hope to have the opportunity to share the powerful and life changing Essence Method
    with you!

    Warm Wishes,


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