"The Awakening of true Love lies in finding peace within Yourself... This peace is found through an open Heart."

Deepak Chopra - A Path To Love

The Seven Steps To Quieting Your Mind
Opening Your Heart To Inner Wisdom

By choosing to learn The Seven Steps To Quieting Your Mind you have made the choice to enhance your life and to allow more health, love and joy to flow through your Heart.

 The following steps will guide you in quieting your mind
Listening to the wisdom of your Heart

Step One:  Breathe Deeply

Begin by taking a nice deep cleansing breath in...
breathing in life, energy and abundance...

As you exhale release any stress, strain or tension from your body...

Release any thoughts, feelings...and just allow yourself to relax...

Step Two:
Place your Awareness within your Heart

As you continue to breathe deeply, gently shift your focus from your head
into your Heart and take a few moments to dwell here in this place of inner peace...

Your place of Peace...

Step Three:
Breathe Deeply Into This Place

Breathe as deeply as you can into this place of peace...Your Heart.

Feel your Heart expand... soften... and relax...

Feel your lungs expand, your entire body filling with life, every cell and in between every cell... feeling fully alive!

Feel the unconditional love that lives in your Heart...


Feel the trust of your
open Heart

Step Four: Connect with the Wisdom that Lives in Your Heart

Gently place your right hand over your Heart...

Ask "What does my Heart want for me, now, in this moment'?

     "What does my Heart long for"?

Listen for the answer... be open to whatever form of communication
you may receive

Step Five:

Trust the answer that you receive...

This is your inner wisdom speaking to you...Your higher self...

Your place of Truth

This Truth will never fail you!

Step Six:
Follow Your Truth

Follow your Truth to the extent that it feels right for you...

Visualize yourself following your Truth...

Feel the feeling you have when you follow your Truth...

Breathe into this feeling and embrace it fully...

Step Seven:
Let It Go

Surrender to a Higher Being...The Divine...

Know that you have done all you need to do
and the rest of the details will be handled...


Susan M. Castle
founder of
The Essence Method

author, healer, visionary,
personal coach and
Master Trainer

My Special Invitation To You:

I invite you to use these steps every day.
Taking a few minutes in the morning when you first awaken is an excellent time to take yourself through these seven steps. Once you become familiar with these steps, you will be able to do them quickly, without needing to read them.

Feel free to use these steps during your day as well. It is an excellent way to keep yourself focused on what is most important to you and to stay connected to your essence... your Truth.

Often I find myself using these steps to re-connect to my Essence and stay focused on what matters most to me.

These times we face can be challenging - however, we have a choice. We can choose to stay connected to the place deep within that is peaceful and safe. Please join me in a daily practice of returning to your inner peace, your place of unconditoinal love.

Many Blessings



Always choose the path that brings you more Peace!

I wish you well in Opening Your Heart To Your Inner Wisdom
and Living in Peace

From my Heart,


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