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Susan M. Castle
Author of
The Heart Essence Program
Founder of
The Essence Method and
The Mind-Heart Integration Process
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    What is the Partner Program?

    The partner program is an affiliate program. We will pay you every time you refer a visitor to our site and that visitor purchases a program from us. Joining the affiliate program is an easy way to provide additional high quality resources to your site and to earn extra income.

    Our Mission:'s mission is to provide high quality information and programs which assist others in living a healthy, happy, abundant life. Through, visitors will be able to learn how to de-stress, find balance in their busy lives, create the life they truly desire and most importantly, re-connect with their Spirit.

    The founder of, Susan M. Castle, has a personal mission that led her to develop this site. Susan's personal mission is to reach 1 million people and to give each person the opportunity to experience
    "inner peace". Susan believes the desire to feel deep inner peace is a longing that we all seek to satisfy throughout our lives. Susan's work touches the lives of others deeply and gently guides them to the place deep within where inner peace abounds.

    Susan's expertise as a Radiant Heart Therapist and the author of a dozen relaxation tapes and the powerful
    Essence Method speaks to her dedication in helping others re-connect to their Heart... their place of inner peace.

    How the Partner program works:

    We create the banners, text links and pages, we transact the purchase and handle all the shipping details. All you need to do is post some simple banners, text links and pages on your site and that's all there is!

    You receive a 30% commission paid monthly direct to you!

    When just 2 people a day purchase our Heart Essence Learning System from your website link you will earn $60.00 of commissions per sale ($120.00 total). If you have a high volume site, and you sold as many as 4 kits per day your monthly total commission would be well over $3,400.00

    If you choose to share our Retreat Seminars with others, you earn $75 for each person who attends our retreat. If 5 people attend our retreat due to your efforts, you would earn a free seat to the retreat seminar. That's only 5 people per month... Our retreats are very popular!

    To learn more about becoming a partner, please click below for further information and we will contact you immediately to assist you in getting started. Feel free to call us at 1-877-305-2422 and we will be happy to answer any questions.

    Here are the Simple Steps To Get Started:

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    We do not require monthly volume minimums, sign-up fees or administrative fees. It's simple for you to create a new profit center for your business! And it costs you nothing. It's FREE

    Our Special Offer To You as a Partner:

    Get your own copy of our products at a special discounted rate. Our most successful partners (ones that receive over $1,300.00 each month) have created their own personal review of our products on their sites. This has helped significantly to help share this work with others.

    Your customers trust what you have to say. They listen to who and what you endorse. Our successful Partners purchased their own copy of our products because they believed in what we're all about. A personal endorsement or testimonial has allowed our successful partners to sky rocket their commissions.

    Additional Resources:

    Tracking Software:
    We use the leading affiliate tracking software program which allows you to simply log into your account at any time and access your reports. You will be able to see your click throughs, your sales and your commissions.

    E-zine Articles:
    We have a variety of articles published by Susan available to you for FREE We encourage the use of articles in your newsletter, or even featured on your site. You just need to include the copyright information before publishing the articles.

    Up To Date Ideas:
    We are studying affiliate programs all the time, and we pride ourselves in passing along to You, as our valued partner, the latest in successful partner programing. We want you to succeed and to receive optimal benefit from becoming our partner.

    We wish you a very successful and enjoyable experience with us as our Partner.


    Susan Castle

    Catherine Dod
    Affiliate Manager

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